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Posted by dnasman - June 22nd, 2009

Check out my new song!
Support Drunk People

Oh! I need some great grindcore vox to it! If u interested, just PM me, or write a review!


Posted by dnasman - June 2nd, 2009

I've submitted my song to audio portal yesterday! check it out!
Mad Punk
I think it's punk enough for me to categorize it as Punk!


Posted by dnasman - November 22nd, 2008

What do you think if make another KH? Coz i really don't have any activities at home.Im just sitting on chair and look at the computer all day
What kind of features do you want on KH III? But im not promise it will completed.Coz im such a lazy boy!
But i promise if i make KH III, i will slower down the frets

Posted by dnasman - September 30th, 2008

Check this out! My website!
You can play my flash games and download some stuff

Posted by dnasman - September 7th, 2008

This is a walkthrough of my newest game School Run

1.Get out from Sleppy Class
2.Go to next hallway
3.Go to Supply Room
4.Grab the poison
5.get bak to the hallway
6.Go to next hallway
7.Open the fourth locker
8.Grab the book
9.Go to next hallway
10.Click on the sink
11.Drag the Poison onto the Sink
12.Go to Library
13.Drag the Dictionary onto Mr.Louis.You'll get Money
14.Go to next hallway
15.Go to Cafeteria
16Talk to Mrs.Edna
17.Choose "I wanna buy a cookie" and you'll get a Cookie
18.Get back to the Sink with a poison
19.Drag the cookie onto the sink and you'll get Poisoned Cookie
20.Go to Teacher Lounge
21.Choose "Wanna cookie? I have one!"
22.Grab the key
23.Go to First hallway
24.Drag the Key onto the Gate

That's all!

Posted by dnasman - August 26th, 2008

keytar hero II isn't good as the first one.the making of the Keytar Hero II is harder than the first one.But, the score is lower than the first one.im a bit dissapointed.i decide to stop making a keytar hero.no more keytar hero.anyway, thnx for playing that game


Posted by dnasman - August 15th, 2008

i've been working on Keytar Hero 2.It's the sequel of the Keytar Hero 1.the progress is about 60% and i hope it'll release as soon as possible

-The Store (you can buy stuff such as guitars, songs and character)
-more songs (9 songs + 4 bonus songs)
-guitars (10 guitars)
-The controls are the same (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and BACKSPACE)
-Character (3 character + 2 bonus)
-Save game

please leave a comment!